Premier Advertising is a full-service advertising and marketing agency, that provides its clients with leading-edge marketing solutions to increase their bottom line. We offer our services to businesses both large and small, and in four departments: Strategy, Client Services, Creative, and Media. Clients have praised our team’s commitment to professionalism as well as our open culture and dynamic communication that helps keep customers informed every step of the way. Premier Advertising also helps both business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients grow to the next level.


  • We are an agency uniquely structured to create innovative, immersive, strategic problem solving all under a one really big roof. Our teams create meaningful communications for public relations, advertising and social causes, and developing strong emotional bonds with your audience.
  • We draw on our many disciplines, experience and talent to build the right team, with the right people and the right tools to solve your business problems. We share stories, spark conversations and ignite audiences.
  • From our beginning, we’ve been a company dedicated to our community and social change. We invest heavily in the place we live and work with our time, resources and energy and align with forward-thinking companies that share our passion and relentless pursuit of a better future.
  • We fervently believe in what we and our clients do and bring our expertise, passion, energy and experience to every project, client and cause.

Our Approach

Advertising and Branding

It all starts with your brand. From consumer insights to creative messaging and development, Premier Advertising can help position and grow your brand and differentiate your company versus your competitors. We also implement integrated advertising programs that generate awareness, leads and sales by utilizing the right channels at the right time.


Digital Marketing

Use Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to grow and reach prospects. Premier Advertising helps you identify your options such as paid search, native advertising, video marketing, search engine optimization and retargeting and make sense of it all to move your company forward. Premier Advertising also provides media buying services in a variety of ways including programmatic real-time bidding.


Social Media Marketing

Get social with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more. Premier Advertising’s services include an evaluation of the right social media properties for your business including YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs, reviews and more. We develop native content, build earned media plans and grow your community.


Tracking and Analytics

Insightful analytics. Track and optimize your results based on your business goals. Premier Advertising provides in-depth analysis and recommendations to successfully grow your revenue and improve conversion and engagement. Tracking and attribution can be accomplished across channels including print, out-of-home and search, as well as for mobile, social and digital campaigns.



Premier Advertising, provides inventive entertainment marketing driving consumers to concerts, restaurants, hotels and streaming devices. Premier Advertisings arresting, dramatic social campaigns have generated phenomenal attendance shows and events.



Film and video engage and educate with sight, sound and emotion that go beyond mere words, creating a unique opportunity to extend your brand image and message.


Public Relations

Public relations is our DNA and our approach has grown and adapted to meet contemporary challenges with high impact, multichannel messages.


Real Estate: Residential & Commercial

Premier Advertising residential and commercial real estate advertising campaigns have supported many of Kampala’s most prominent sales and leasing efforts. A history of successful sellouts and lease-ups attest to Premier Advertising marketing partnerships with developers and brokers.


Education & Recruitment

Premier Advertising utilizes fully integrated media programs to streamline and expedite targeted outreach to prospective students and qualified job candidates.