Social Media Marketing

Need help creating a social media strategy from scratch! Need help to monitor your current accounts!

Our Social Approach

Social Profile Management

It is not enough to simply set up profiles on your chosen social networks and expect your customers to come to you. Brands need to create unique, compelling reasons for consumers to engage.
At Premier Advertising, we create a reasoned strategy focused on your key objectives. We can manage social campaigns on your behalf, designed to deliver results against agreed metrics or assist you in your team’s internal social development.

Influencer Engagement

Influencer Engagement can be a powerful method to drive leads, build loyalty and develop successful customer advocacy initiatives.
The team at Premier Advertising will identify the relevant influencers, manage content development to engage those influencers and secure campaign results through direct contact, influencer events and setting up reviews where relevant.

Social Customer Relationship Management

In today’s socially connected world, customers can intersect and engage with an organisation at many different points, often avoiding traditional channels of communication.
We have experience of running Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) campaigns for a range of clients and can help you to develop and implement a Social CRM process under four key headings.